Roof repairs, roof restorations, roof replacements

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Proven roofing are roof insulation specialists with over twenty years of experience. To date, we have insulated thousands of roofs. This is why we always have the perfect insulation solution for your home. If you would like an estimate or an evaluation of your insulation project, we would love to meet with you and discuss custom solutions for you. Get your free roof consultation – call us today at 0398444894 or request a quote online

Roof repairs, roof restorations, roof replacements

What Is Roof Insulation?

Roof insulation is creating a barrier to heat flow between the inside of your house and the outside world. As a result, insulation keeps the temperatures in your house to desirable levels – warm in winter and cool in summer.

There are different kinds of roof insulation, including:

Bulk insulation, which traps air in between its layers and therefore prevents heat loss or gain. It often uses different kinds of wool or fibre. This type of insulation is recommended for both winter and summer.
Reflective insulation, which reflects the radiant heat flow and prevents it from entering the house. This type of roof insulation uses reflective materials to be placed on top of the roof, and therefore are recommended mainly for summer.

Roof repairs, roof restorations, roof replacements

Why Should I Insulate My Roof?

As the winter temperatures in Melbourne to their lowest, it is important to have your house insulated properly. This is especially important as Australian houses save on average $2000-$4500on their energy bills per year if they are properly Insulated. Your house will help you save on heating in winter, as well as air conditioning in summer.

Your house should be insulated from its roof to the foundations to get the best energy efficiency. However, during winter it is good to start with your roof as the top of your house is where the warm air concentrates. The roof loses around 25-35% of your house’s temperature, therefore it is important to have it insulated properly in order to save on energy bills.

What’s more, roof insulation can save you not only money, but also your health. World Health Organisation recommends a minimum temperature of 18 degrees for residential homes. With winter temperatures falling below that ,insulating your roof will help prevent your house from losing the warmth it gains during the day and will keep you and your family healthier.

You can insulate your roof when you’re building a new house or retrofitting an existing one. All new built houses are highly recommended to insulate for high energy efficiency standards. Therefore, you should definitely consider insulating your roof when building a new house.

Moreover, if you’re thinking of insulating in an existing home, roof is the way to go. This is because often walls and floors are difficult to be insulated in existing houses. Roofs, on the other hand, are relatively easily insulated and retrofitted. If your roof insulation is older than 10-15 years, you should consider renewing it to get the best insulation possible. This applies to winter and summer.

Roof repairs, roof restorations, roof replacements

How to get the best roof insulation?

To get the best results possible, hiring a professional roof insulation service is highly recommended. This is especially important as there are many health and safety risks related to DIY roof insulation. You should never compromise your wellbeing, and therefore we recommend seeking professional advice. Proven roofing is a professional roof insulation contractor, and provides free roof consultations. Contact us now to get the best advice on your roof insulation plans.

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    Ready to Talk About a Roofing Project?

    Roof repairs, roof restorations, roof replacements