Roof repairs, roof restorations, roof replacements Melbourne

At Proven Roofing we specialise in metal roof replacement as well as installing a brand new metal roof for your property. With a team of professional metal roofing Melbourne experts, we have the skills to transform your roof into something to be proud of, and make your home one worth living in. We can install new metal roofs, replace your roof or restore your existing metal roof if it’s damaged.

When it comes to materials we are proud providers of Colorbond and Zincalume Steel. We follow Australian Building Regulations to the letter, we only use premium Metal Roofing products, and we guarantee we can finish all the work without any delay.

Whether you live close to the beach and need the toughest materials, or if you’re choosing a colour with energy efficiency in mind, Proven Roofing the expert installers for all metal roofs including the great range Colorbond roofing products.

Get it done right the first time so when the Melbourne rains come bucketing down you will feel comfortable knowing you and your family are safe. No longer will Melbournes unforgiving weather give you an uncomfortable feeling when the skies decide to open up.

Roof repairs, roof restorations, roof replacements

Metal Roof Restoration

Metal roofs are known to deteriorate over time from fading, oxidisation or rust, especially when exposed to Melbournes harsh weather conditions. When these signs of ageing start to show on your roof, that dull and neglected look take away from your home’s street appeal.

This doesn’t mean you need to consider a total metal roof replacement. A metal roof restoration with Proven Roofing – Roof Restoration can be a long-lasting solution that will enhance the overall appearance of your home without the expense of other roofing options available in the market today.

Whether you have a Colorbond, Corrogated Iron, Galvanised Iron, Trimdek, Kliplock, Zincalume or metal tiled roof, Proven Roofing PTY LTD – Roof Restoration Melbourne are here to provide a hassle-free experience with a metal roof restoration.

Metal roofs can also allow heat penetration, resulting in a hotter home during the summer months. Using a professional roof membrane Coating, we can provide you a heat reflective solution for a cooler home and reduction in energy saving costs.

Give your home a new roof look with a metal roof restoration by Proven Roofing today.

Colorbond Roofing Melbourne

Colorbond roofing is the latest in metal roofing technology and trusted by Australians everywhere as the metal roofing material of choice. As light reinforced steel, it’s the perfect option for most roofs, boasting lower maintenance, fantastic insulation properties and good looks, there’s little reason to choose anything else for your roof. If you’re thinking about getting Colorbond roofing in Melbourne, talk to the team at Proven Roofers and let us get you set up with the perfect roof today.

When considering installing a new Colorbond roof, Proven Roofing are the people to speak to!

Colorbond roofing offers an array of benefits. Stylish and durable, it makes the perfect option to impart a modern look to your home. With its superior performance and flawless finish, a Colorbond roof is ideal for the Australian climate.

At Proven Roofing , we specialize in offering a complete range of roofing solutions to cater to your varied needs. With many years of roofing experience, Proven Roofing will give you the best advice, service and competitive pricing. All roofs deteriorate over time and will eventually need to be replaced. At Proven roofing we can help you make an informed decision as to whether a Colorbond roof is right for you.

Metal Roof Restoration 10 Step Procedure

  • Secure roof against all possible leaks.
  • Check for rust patches, then clean and treat with rust converter.
  • Check and secure flashings.
  • Check all roofing screws and replace if necessary.
  • High pressure clean entire roof to remove all dirt, oxidisation, etc.
  • Clean and flush out all gutters and downpipes.
  • Spray entire roof with metal roof primer coat.
  • Spray entire roof with 2 x top roof membrane coat.
  • Our metal roof restoration includes to coat vent pipes, flashings, valley irons, etc.
  • Leave site clean and tidy on completion of work.

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    Roof repairs, roof restorations, roof replacements