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Proven roofer’s Melbourne offer all type of local and professional roofing services throughout Melbourne. With over 20 years of expertise in the roofing and household industries, you can be confident that we are one of Melbourne’s leading roofing companies.

Your friendly local roofer’s Melbourne team will come to your home or work place.

Proven Roofing’s objective is to make your new roof or roof repair endure as long as physically feasible while still completing it on schedule and under budget.

Your local roofer’s Melbourne team offer a wide range of roofind services inclduing:


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Is your roof in need of urgent roof repairs? A leaking roof during a storm is something no home owner ever wants to face. However, all too often we notice that leaking or damaged roofs don’t get noticed until it becomes a harsh reality.


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    Roof repairs, roof restorations, roof replacements Melbourne

    Roofer’s Melbourne Bedding

    Roof bedding is the concrete mortar that keeps roofing materials (Roof tiles & Ridge Caps) in place over many years. As with any materials when exposed on a regular basis roof bedding begins to wear down over time. When it wears down, roof tiles and ridge caps can become loose and fall from the roof, which can lead to numerous issues including roof damage and roof leaking.

    Roof repairs, roof restorations, roof replacements Melbourne

    Roofer’s Melbourne


    Roof pointing is a strong second layer that goes over the initial roof bedding and helps to further add protection to the roof. It is incredibly important to have an expert who is aware of the specific needs of those in the Melbourne area to perform this task, as the wrong materials will not offer the same protection as those chosen for optimal performance in Melbourne weather conditions.

    Repointing roof tiles is commonly recommended to replace the cement mortar used for pointing before 1995. The cement is prone to cracking and shifting. Flexible pointing material helps to eliminate these drawbacks.

    Melbourne homeowners who haven’t had roof rebedding or roof repointing to their homes in the past ten years should contact a Melbourne roofing repair specialist or us at Proven Roofing to schedule this important maintenance task.

    Rebedding requires removal of the old existing bedding and pointing material. Bedding mix is then applied by trowel to the roof tiles to be covered by the ridge capping. A ridge rack is used to keep the ridges straight and the bedding applied in the right spot for the ridge caps to sit on. The bedding is then trowelled up to a neat up & down finish slightly inwards from the ridge. This provides a good solid surface for the flexible pointing to adhere to.

    Once the bedding has dried the flexible pointing is then applied to the sides of the ridge at a thickness of 3 – 5mm and the collars where the ridges overlap are also pointed. The ridges are now fully secure from wind uplift and waterproof. The flexible pointing also flexes in harmony with normal roof movement which stops future cracking of the ridge capping.

    Roof repairs, roof restorations, roof replacements Melbourne

    Gutter Cleaning MELBOURNE

    Leaf-blocked gutters may not seem like a big deal but ensuring this part of your home is in good working order has far reaching benefits.

    Gutters essentially manage the flow of rain water away from your home during a downpour or storm. Blockages in your gutters can lead to extensive water damage throughout your property.

    Eliminate the risk of blocked gutters by utilising our cost-efficient services. That’s why ensuring your gutters are free from leaves, sticks and other debris is an important part of your regular maintenance and a vital risk mitigation step.

    Proven Roofing are here to provide you with professional gutter cleaning of both, residential and commercial properties. Proven Roofing gutter cleaners have the expertise and special equipment to remove all loose debris and fallen leaves. We are here to take care of all your guttering needs.

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